IT Architecture

We offer vendor-independent consulting up to the implementation of the complete solution and the subsequent support and operation of IT services. Due to our manufacturer independence, we can offer the best possible solution.

Project Management

All employees in our company have accumulated experience in international IT companies. Our project management method has proved its worth over many years.

Remote Access Solutions

Secure access to corporate data anywhere, anytime is a prerequisite for a productive business use. For this reason, we offer secure access gateways and terminal server-based access solutions.

Software Interfaces

We are developing software interfaces to manage and streamline data exchange between business applications. Here, we rely on our standardized software modules that can be customized according to requirements. As a result, we are able to implement customer-specific requirements quickly.

Secure Transfers

Data security plays a dominant role in a company. In addition to implementing industry standard methods such as IPsec and SSL, we develop encrypted data exchanges based on Open SSH.

System-, Performance Monitoring

IT environments must, of course, also be monitored. On the one hand we implement solutions based on commercial products, on the other hand, we develop customized solutions based on the free software RRD Tool.

Enterprise Job Scheduling

Through our software modules we realize logical links for batch processing software. This enables automated and intelligent batch processing. This process replaces manual processes, ensures the monitoring of the batch processes and thus achieves significant productivity advances.

With the help of message queue-based middleware, we are able to realize a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

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