About us

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About us

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About us

We are a young company with experienced employees. We have many years of industry knowledge and contribute with our expertise in the benefit of our customers.

Our vision

We support our customers to increase their productivity to create lasting values.

Our strategy

We help our customers to realize an efficient IT architecture. The productivity gains are achieved by transforming the existing IT structure based on future-oriented technologies.

Our realization

The implementation of the common objectives is supported by our methodologically sophisticated project management model.

The management

– The management

Heribert Weigand

gained many years of experience in the management of global projects at an IT service provider after studying engineering. Here he was already on the road in corporations as well as in medium-sized companies. In addition to his technical expertise, he is valued for his clear mind, his direct way of communicating and his high level of problem-solving skills.

Gerd Stabenow

initially worked for many years as a senior IT consultant at a global IT service provider. He has deep knowledge of the IT needs and structures of medium-sized companies through to corporations. Due to his experience as a technical manager at a leading IT service provider and the well-founded training as a technical specialist, he always has a suitable solution ready for all challenges.


Why ?

We are convinced that we will achieve this goal together and successfully. So far, we have always managed to meet the expectations placed in us.

Only a few examples are shown here. The spectrum and demands on today’s IT architecture and IT systems are enormous and are constantly increasing.

We at 3e are prepared and much more, so that your company is well positioned in the future.

Do you need support in realizing an even more efficient IT architecture?
Do you want to increase your productivity?
Do you want to realize cost savings?
Do you want to increase security?
Do you want to start with your first cloud experiences or need Cloud Specialists support?