Windows Server and SQL Server


Without the latest Windows server technology, your business is at risk of

Outdated technology


  • Aging technology enables data breaches
  • Lack of digital transformation and services

Operational inefficiency


  • Struggling to stay current and future-proof
  • Inefficiencies in the delivery process and customer service
  • A reactive approach to operations that does not do it justice

End of support


  • End-of-Life for Windows Server , SQL Server 2008and 2008 R2
  • Lack of access to critical security updates risks business disruption
  • Businesses may not be able to meet compliance standards and industry regulations


Make a big step forward
with Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

Modernize digital processes and stay current with Windows Server and Azure SQL Server , so you can continue to ensure data protection, streamline operational processes, and increase profitability.


Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

Pay less, receive more
Move part of your business to the cloud – on your terms and according to your requirements

Modernization and scalability with flexibility
Migrate your server apps to Azure and bridge the existing infrastructure according to your needs

Updating and protection of applications
Unrivaled security and business continuity protect you from threats




Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

Pay less, receive more

Spend less time managing your locally running servers

and more time with the generation of business value.

Respond quickly to changes

with the option for capacity expansions at peak times and reductions when you need less.

Only pay for what you use

for short-term or seasonal cloud needs, or pay predictable prices for critical always-on services.

Manage your cloud costs

withAzure tools that let you track usage and identify opportunities for cost savings.


Modernization and scalability with flexibility

Access enterprise-grade server infrastructure

without having to deploy your own on-premise servers and storage. Windows Server on Azure Virtual Machines makes it possible!

Migrate mission-critical apps

easily and when you’re ready for it, and regardless of whether you need to migrate just one app, a few, or all.

Unlimited innovation

– Develop new apps on Azure and be more responsive to your customers with web apps and chatbots, for example.

Simplify centralized management for Windows Server

with the Windows Admin Center for Windows Servers in Azure and your own servers.

Updating and protection of applications

Protect yourself from threats

with the integrated security features for on-premise and cloud use.

Safe and continuous operation

with full backup and restore via the cloud.

Simplify app access

with secure single sign-on, allowing your employees to securely access their apps and devices anywhere.

Protect your apps with Windows and SQL Server

by upgrading to the latest version in Azure or protect yourself with advanced security updates for the next three years.